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Be Partner of India's Fastest Growing Brand " Big Art " in Visual and Performing Art Education.

Start your  Independent Tutoring Business

Teachers, Tutors, Lecturers, Professors, Self Employed Professional, Senior Corporate Executives can all signup & teach with Support and Training From Big Art

If you CARE TO SHARE your Knowledge, Experience and Skills with the Students. EARN in return. Utilize your IDLE Time. Start Your Tutoring Business.

Big art can help you setup
  • Syllabus Guidance and Fees structure
  • CRM support Software
  • Students Leads Generation in your Locality
  • Training Videos
  • Equipment support and guidance
  • FREE webpage for Promotion

Big Art also helps you manage your Independent Tutoring Business, efficiently. You just concentrate on teaching, tutoring, mentoring, counselling, while Big Art takes care of Marketing support, Syllabus , Training Videos and CRM software.

How Big Art Works ?
  • Create Free Profile:

    Upload Photos, Portfolio, Certificates, Qualifications, Achievements to help students discover you in your chosen categories or subjects.

  • Connect with Students:

    Respond to enquiries or search for prospective students closest to your locations of interest.

  • Grow your Business:

    Rank higher in search results by enriching your profile, assigning Practice or Mock Tests and inviting your students to write reviews for you.

  • Tutoring Business Setup :

    We give Complete Support to your Tutoring Business in Selected Subjects by Providing Syllabus, Fee Structure, Students Leads, CRM software to keep records of Students, Free Mini Webpage, Training Videos.

  • Big Art Does Not Charge any Cut/Commission on Fees :

    Students pay directly to Tutors and Big Art Does Not Charge any Commission on Students Fees.

  • Dedicated Tutoring Business Profile page :

    Its like your Tutoring Mini Website, which includes Tutoring History, Courses You offer, Fees, Achievements, Classroom Photos, Teaching Videos. Use This page to promote on Social Media, Emails, Groups, Local advertisements.

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions ) For Tutors
  • How Students will Search Tutors ?

    Tutors appear on the First Page of Subject Search, the NATURAL Way
    Tutors registered on Big Art, are arranged on the Subject Search Page, based on a Ranking Formula. The Ranking Formula evaluates each tutor, based on several parameters and information.

  • What are factors considered in ranking Tutors ?

    Tutor's Quality Rating: Tutors with higher Quality Rating, are displayed at the top of the Search Results.
    Tutor's  Following Big Art syllabus and Students Feedback system: After Quality Rating, the formula factors the Reliability Rating of the Tutor.
    Tutor's Credibility Rating : After Reliability Rating, the formula factors the Credibility Rating of the Tutor. Credibility Rating is the third factor of our Ranking Formula.
    Tutors appear on the First Page of Subject Search, the PAID Way :Tutors also have the option to pay Big Art, to get their names displayed on the First Page of the Subject Search. This is called Upgrade Listing package. Tutors can purchase a Upgrade Listing package from Big Art.

  • What is FREE Marketing using Tutor's Mini-Webpage ?

    Big Art collects all Tutor information and collates them into a Webpage, Every Tutor, who completes the Registration, is provided with a FREE Webpage.
    Students visiting Big Art are able to view the same page when they Search.
    Finally, these pages are linked with Google and all major search engines. With time, every Tutor's Mini-Website starts ranking in Google Searches. Prospective Students can directly find Tutors from Google.
    Example:- Suppose a Tutor’s Profile Headline reads ”Photography teacher in Nasik with experience of 5 years”.  Any Student searching Google for “Photography teacher in Nasik”, will be able to find the Tutor directly from Google and contact the Tutor. 

  • How Tutors can Self Help FREE Marketing?

    What would you do, if you are given a URL and asked to Promote it?  You would share the URL on popular Social Media like Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
    Same here, every Tutor gets a Mini-Webpage URL. Go Promote yourselves. Till date, it is the most effective way to communicate with perspective students.
    Finally, Big Art’s in-house Social Media Experts posts their advices, for the Tutors to follow and promote themselves.

  • Can Tutors offer Discounts to Students?

    Tutors can surely offer Discounts, FREE Trials Gifts to Students.
    Tutors, you need to understand, with Big Art you are running your own Business. And like every successful business does, you need to promote your business by providing some extra Discounts & Benefits to your Customers (Students in this case).
    We would encourage tutors offering Discounts and Benefits to their Students.

  • How to find new Students on Big Art?

    Firstly, Tutors need to understand that, Big Art doesn’t refer or solicit any particular tutor, to new Students. Big Art provides equal opportunity to all Tutors and is Unbiased.
    Big Art is also a Do-it-Yourself Platform for Students. They will search & select a tutor, themselves.

  • What are Steps to find new Students ?

    1. Appearing on the 1st Page of Subject Search Everyday, few hundred students visit Big Art Website. They performs a Subject Search. Also, we are making every effort to increase the number of Students visiting our Website.
    Thus, Tutors should always make special efforts to make their name appear on the 1st Page of the Subject Search.

    2. Self-Promotion – “No one can help you, if you don’t help yourself” Tutors who have completed their profile on Big Art, are provided with their own Mini-Webpage. Use the URL of your mini webpage to promote yourself.
    If you look at the Mini-Website thoroughly, it contains your Phone Number and 1 buttons “Take a FREE Trial” and “Ask a Question”. Any Student can contact you via your Mobile number or by clicking on either of those buttons.
    Tutors can also share this URL on their Facebook Status, Twitter Tweet, LinkedIn Status, Facebook Groups etc. Tutors can also share the URL via Email, SMS, WhatsApp etc. Tutors can directly give the URL to any person, in your neighbourhood/ community/ acquaintance, interested to learn from you.
    Remember, IT’S YOUR TUTORING BUSINESS that we are NURTURING. You always needs to take pro-active steps to help your business. You should not depend on us completely.

  • FREE Trial Sessions to new Students, Is it compulsory?

    FREE Trial Sessions are a great way to display Tutor’s tutoring skills to new students. It also convinces Students & Parents to consider getting tutored from you.
    It is Compulsory for Tutors to provide FREE Trial Sessions, to new Students.
    However, Tutors have the option to decide on the Number of FREE Trial and Duration Sessions.

  • Got a New Student Request, What to do next?

    Congrats! You got a new Student Request. Probably, you have got notified about the new request via Email. REMEMBER, at this point, TIME is very Important. Like you, Student must have sent Requests to more Tutors. The Tutor who responds faster, gets Student’s attention. The Student has contacted you to for a FREE Trial Session. If the Student likes your FREE Trial Session, he/she will continue tutoring with you.

  • Whom does my Students pay for Tutoring ?

    Its Your Independent Business. Big Art doesn’t collect any payments from Students. All tutoring fees, is paid to Tutors, directly.

  • How much Commission does Big Art charge?

    Payments from Students are your HARD EARNED MONEY. It’s yours. Big Art doesn’t charge any commission. Big Art doesn’t charge any Cut.
    Big Art is nowhere in the Picture. We promised, we will help you setup YOUR business.  It’s your Business, your Earning and your Profit. We won’t eat into that.