FAQ for Students

  • What all to discuss during FREE Online Tutoring Session?

    The main purpose of FREE Tutoring Trial Classes is to check compatibility between a tutor and a student.
    Minor Students are advised to attend Trial Classes in presence of their Parents
    During FREE Tutoring Sessions, discuss the following:-
    1. Ask the Tutor to teach you any particular subject or topic. Check the Tutor’s skills and knowledge.
    2. Discuss the Objective of Tutoring. Why you are taking tutoring? To learn concepts, and How you will develop your Skills .
    3. Discuss the Payment Terms with the Tutor.
    4. Discuss your probable weekly schedule with the tutor. This helps the tutor maintain their availability and to be prepare with a lesson plan.
    5. Ask the tutors about any Discounts, Group Tutoring Discounts etc. Ask the Tutor about Refund Policy.
    6. Minor students should ask their Parents to be present and monitor the Trial Class. Parents in such cases are advised to discuss all nitty-gritties with the Tutor during the Trial Class.

  • What are Steps to Find a Tutor on Big Art ?

    To find a tutor on Big Art, the following Steps are involved:-
    1. Visit Big Art and in the Search Box, type in the name of the Subject or Topic you need help with. Ex:- Fine Art, Photography etc.
    2. A List of Tutors for your Search, are displayed. This list of Tutors are ordered by Big Art’s Search Algorithm. The BEST Rated Tutors are displayed on the Top of the List.
    3. If the Students find any Tutor profile ‘interesting’, they can open the tutor’s mini-website for more details.
    4. At this stage, we suggest students to go through the tutor’s profile very minutely. Students are advised to scrutinize the profile very carefully. They will be able to know the Educational Background of Tutor, Tutor’s Work History etc. Students must also read the Ratings and Reviews about the Tutor, left by their previous students.
    6. If the Tutor’s Profile impresses you, then you might request the Tutor for a FREE TRIAL Session by clicking the appropriate button.